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Why Demo Agency ?

Because we simplify your life, we save you time, and put our professionalism at your service to ensure optimal support and no surprises.

Maximizing the value of your property is a goal that every homeowner seeks to achieve. Whatever the real estate projects entrusted to us, we always invest fully for our clients.

Our real estate agency is located in the center of Brussels and covers its 19 municipalities and its periphery. Our team of professionals is at your disposal, offering a wide range of personalized services, both in residential and investment, and ensure your interest by our mastery of trading.

Whether buying or selling, we offer complete assistance from the free evaluation of your property to the final act of sale.

We begin by listening attentively to your expectations and your needs, in complete confidentiality, in order to be able to define together an adapted approach, which will be evaluated throughout our mission.

We spend time explaining to you in detail what is the sale of a house, and how to avoid the pitfalls while optimizing the different aspects: commercial, fiscal, administrative, legal and technical. We are also certified IPI, which testifies to our knowledge both technical, ethical and legal, inseparable aspects of a real estate sale.

We also carry out a serious and correct evaluation of your real estate, in order to correctly manage the expectations and to define a framework of work without surprise. It is not by chance that for years, buyers and sellers have shown their satisfaction and continue to trust us.

It is a fact that it takes a few seconds for a candidate-buyer to decide to click on a real estate ad. This decision is mainly based on the main photo. This is to say how the image is a determining factor to find potential buyers.

FullHouse is fully aware of this aspect and that is why we take professional shots of your property in order to value it and distinguish it from other comparable offers. By making it as attractive as possible to buyers, we are able to reduce the time to sell and get the best price.

In addition, we can also offer homestaging services, which consist of presenting the property in its best light, ensuring a careful presentation of the spaces in order to stimulate a positive decision by the candidate-buyers.

Highlighting your property through the various means of communication is a key element of our success. FullHouse develops a complete communication plan for the sale of your property.

First of all, your property is advertised with detailed descriptions, optimized HDR photos and maps through the main advertising sites in Belgium to give it maximum visibility. Of course, it is also featured on our site and all potential candidates we have in the portfolio are immediately informed. In this way, your property is more emphasized.

At the same time, social media is now part of our daily lives. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Google are now essential for anyone who wants to stand out. That’s why we work with the most suitable channels to reach your target.

And as communication is at the heart of our business, you benefit within our agency from a single interlocutor, who manages your file from the first contact to the actual act.

With our experience, we leave no detail to chance. Before you even meet your proposed acquirer, it is imperative to check a series of decisive points to appreciate the quality of it. We create this file in order to leave no detail to chance and in the respect of the deontology.

We also make a point of putting the right people in the right place. A good negotiator is not necessarily good at administering or editing images. This is why we have brought together under one roof the different key competences necessary for the optimal realization of our missions.

Our operating mode is designed to lighten our agents’ administrative tasks in order to focus on pro-active follow-up of customers and prospects, any bonus for you. In addition, we have powerful tools to assist them in their tasks, so that they can devote their time where they are irreplaceable: customer support, advice and negotiation.

Our customers are our best ambassadors!

Nos clients témoignent

L'équipe de Demo Agency a fait un travail remarquable en m'aidant à vendre mon appartement. Une expertise réaliste et le dévouement pour les choses bien faites. En plus je n'y connaissais pas grand chose dans les aspects juridiques et légaux, et j'avais donc besoin de pouvoir me reposer sur un partenaire fiable.
Mariane Jacobs


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